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Call for proposals!

Youth-serving, community agencies
are invited to submit a proposal to address
meaningful programming for at-risk youth.


SWRCSD is a province-wide collaborative endeavor between:

  • Alberta Children’s Services
  • Alberta Community and Social Services
  • Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Education as represented by area School Divisions and Independent Schools
  • First Nations

The provincial and First Nations partners work together to support children, youth, and their families through collaborative cross-sectorial partnerships, enabling children and youth to reach their full potential.  SWRCSD provides a continuum of supports and services to meet universal, targeted, individualized and complex needs for children/youth within the Southwest region of Alberta. 


Within Southwest Alberta, there are at-risk youth that have been unsuccessful in traditional and alternative school programming.  Without a school-based program during the day, youth are seen to be at increased risk of involvement in substance abuse, delinquent/criminal behavior, and mental health issues.  These youth often have involvement with multiple Ministries – Children’s Services, FSCD, Justice, Education, Health (addiction and mental health issues). These youth often have trauma histories, addiction and mental health issues, as well as out of home placements that also impact their functioning and stability.  It has been identified in several forums that while traditional school programming may not be an option/successful for these youth, there is a need for meaningful daily activity and potentially, a connection to an educational program.


  • With meaningful daily programming, routine, structure, and healthy supports, youth will be able to better regulate their behavior, feel successful, increase skills for daily living, and increase readiness to transition into school programming once ready.
  • Youth will have positive and healthy activities each day and decrease involvement in criminal activities, substance abuse, antisocial/delinquent  behavior
  • Youth will maintain connection with alternative educational programming and make progress towards their educational goal, at their modified level
  • Youth will have pro-social interaction and connection with peers and healthy adult supports


  • Youth up to age 18 who are unable to attend traditional or alternate school program
  • SWRCSD representatives will partner with the successful applicant to identify the best candidates for the program through a collaborative intake process


Lethbridge, Alberta


The successful applicant is required to supply and maintain:

  • Youth-friendly environment (including free wifi)
  • Space to host youth when not visiting alternate community locations
  • Flexible hours designed to engage youth
  • Transportation of youth to/from community events
  • Office/workspace, technology, all other equipment and supplies necessary to fulfill this contract


  • Youth service delivery /understanding and successful engagement with adolescents and demonstrated understanding of behaviors/presentation of youth impacted by trauma
  • Cultural awareness
  • Trauma-informed service delivery
  • Self-regulation theory / application
  • Case management
  • Creative and engaging group and individualized programming
  • Collaboration with community resources
  • Importance of recreation, life skills, health/wellness, interpersonal skills, coping


  • Maximum value: $174,000
  • Funding is dependent on SWRCSD’s allocation announced as part of the Provincial budget in the Fall of 2019
  • Expected term is 1 year with the possibility of extension


To be considered, your proposal must include the following elements:

  • Agencies qualifications / experience in providing service for youth
  • Project plan including sample activities, potential community locations / events and a summary of how the applicant will complete the work of the contract
  • Budget indicating how the SWRCSD funds will be utilized, highlighting any in-kind or partner contributions accessed by the applicant
  • Human resource strategy outlining the proposed staffing model, including the number of staff, position descriptions and the skills, competences required.
  • Risk management strategy for staff safety, participant safety, and organizational liability


Proposals to be submitted in PDF format, via email to no later than August 23, 2019, 4:30 pm


  • August 23 to September 6 – Proposals reviewed by selection panel
  • Interviews with selected applicants on or before September 20, 2019
  • Successful applicant identified by September 30, 2019
  • Project is dependent on 2019-20 Government of Alberta allocation to SWRCSD.  Contract details to be confirmed following the release of the Provincial budget expected in the Fall of 2019.


  • Margaret Vennard
  • SWRCSD Regional Manager
  • 3305 – 18 Avenue North, Lethbridge Alberta   T1H 5S1
  • Cell: 403-331-9500
  • Email: