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Deaf / Hard of Hearing

Meet our team members!

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Pauline Peddle is our Deaf and Hard of Hearing Support Teacher.  Most recently, Pauline was teaching at Westminster Elementary School and prior to that at Coalhurst Elementary.  She has an extensive background in literacy and inclusion.  Pauline has completed special education coursework through University of Northern Colorado.  She looks forward to working with teachers to support the academic and social development of students with hearing challenges.

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Lisa Gokstorp has joined the Low Incidence Team as our Educational Audiologist, enhancing the supports available for children / youth with hearing challenges.

Lisa’s educational background includes a Master of Science (Audiology) from University of Western Ontario and a Doctor of Audiology through Central Michigan University.  She has most recently been working at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in the Cochlear Implant and ENT clinics. [/bscolumns][bscolumns class=”clear”][/bscolumns]

Lisa and Pauline work closely together, however each has a different area of expertise.  As a guide, Lisa’s area of focus will be hearing equipment, systems, and acoustical management including the opportunity to provide in-service sessions for school / community teams.  Pauline’s area of focus will be instructional strategies, curriculum, and program planning.  Both Lisa and Pauline will work in collaboration with school-based and regional multi-disciplinary teams.  They are both based in the SWRCSD Low Incidence Team office at Palliser working Tuesdays and Wednesdays each week.

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The following information is provided to connect you with support for FM Systems:

For Family-Owned FM System support
Charlotte Ellis, M.ClSc, R.Aud, Aud (C)
Registered Audiologist
 Soundwave Hearing Care
Calgary and Lethbridge, AB.
Tel: 1-866-402-5552
Contact Charlotte for:
- repairs
- ordering parts to go with your personal FM system that are lost or damaged
For School-Owned FM System support
Phonak Canada
Phone:  1 (800) 876-1167

Contact Phonak for:
- questions about the FM system
- when the FM system is not working
- ordering or replacing parts for the FM system

The Customer Support team is trained to trouble-shoot equipment and walk you through the order and/or repair processes
Links to User Guides
Zoom Link FM System User Guide - PDF
Easy Link FM System User Guide - PDF
Roger Inspiro Microphone User Guide - PDF