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Addiction / Mental Health

Mental health services are provided by AHS Addiction and Mental Health. Children/youth who are experiencing, or are at risk of experiencing, mental health concerns can be referred to an Addiction and Mental Health clinic for assessment and service. Parents are able to call directly to the clinic closest to their community for an appointment.  Please note that parental consent and involvement are necessary for a child/youth to be seen by a therapist. 

CommunityAddiction ServicesMental Health Clinic
Fort Macleodsame as clinic403-553-5340
Lethbridgesame as clinic403-381-5278
Milk Riversame as clinic403-647-3500
Pincher Creeksame as clinic403-627-1121
Raymondsame as clinic403-752-5440

A child or adolescent may have a mental health concern when these signs are present:

  • persistently play the victim and/or bully in peer interactions.
  • frequently miss school with truancy, sickness or other excuses.
  • appear rarely to smile, or appear sad, cry easily or seem depressed.
  • appear to lose weight, especially those on diets who believe they are overweight but have developmentally normal body form.
  • openly or persistently talk about suicide, or whose thinking is persistently morbid.
  • appear to have delusions, paranoia, or hallucinations, or their thinking is bizarre.
  • display behaviour that is generally unusual for them and/or their peers.
  • have a pattern of learning/achievement that is one year (or more) behind their peers.
  • display a sudden deterioration in their standard (or volume) of school work.
  • display a significant deterioration in routines, social/family relations, or learning.
  • suddenly lose friends, becomes a ‘loner’, or becomes isolated/withdrawn.
  • appear to be unusually quiet and solitary in school and/or the community.
  • constantly sleepy or always tired.
  • quickly loses concentration or is distracted.
  • is displaying persistently disruptive behaviour and/or has frequent periods in school detention.

(From Healthy Minds/ Healthy Children Desk Reference: Edition 2, 2011)