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Addiction / Mental Health

A child or adolescent may have a mental health concern when these signs are present:

  • persistently play the victim and/or bully in peer interactions.
  • frequently miss school with truancy, sickness or other excuses.
  • appear rarely to smile, or appear sad, cry easily or seem depressed.
  • appear to lose weight, especially those on diets who believe they are overweight but have developmentally normal body form.
  • openly or persistently talk about suicide, or whose thinking is persistently morbid.
  • appear to have delusions, paranoia, or hallucinations, or their thinking is bizarre.
  • display behaviour that is generally unusual for them and/or their peers.
  • have a pattern of learning/achievement that is one year (or more) behind their peers.
  • display a sudden deterioration in their standard (or volume) of school work.
  • display a significant deterioration in routines, social/family relations, or learning.
  • suddenly lose friends, becomes a ‘loner’, or becomes isolated/withdrawn.
  • appear to be unusually quiet and solitary in school and/or the community.
  • constantly sleepy or always tired.
  • quickly loses concentration or is distracted.
  • is displaying persistently disruptive behaviour and/or has frequent periods in school detention.

(From Healthy Minds/ Healthy Children Desk Reference: Edition 2, 2011)