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SLP Resources

Before you refer, check out:

Talk Tips
Resources to try with your students

Speech Tips

Speech Sounds Headbands, What to do when you don’t understand?, Pre-requisites for working on a sound,  Building speech sound awareness, Vowels, General Practice Tips, Ways to Promote Use of Speech Sounds Everywhere, Working on Speech over the Summer !


Speech Sounds: How to Say Them

*Please be mindful of cultural dialects. Contact an SLP through Office Hours if you are unsure whether a speech pattern is a dialect or error.

Speech Sounds: Activities to Practice

*Tips for finding pictures for speech sound practice; Google image search with key words: Initial, medial, final (speech sound) cards.

Language Tips

  • Talk Box from Alberta Human Services is a resource for parents to help create language-rich environments at home, in the park, at the mall, or anywhere.