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Working Together!

The SWCSS framework has been designed to ensure children and youth within the region receive the supports and services required by:

  • Improving access to the right supports and services at the right time in the right place through regional collaborative service delivery;
  • Building capacity of stakeholders through regional collaborative service delivery;
  • Improving integration and coordination of supports and services through regional collaborative service delivery.

The intent is to strengthen the ability of families, schools, service providers and community partners to understand and to respond to the needs of these children/youth in a timely, inclusive and equitable manner.

Regional Vision and Mission

Vision:  In Southwest Alberta, our Collaborative Support Services Framework will deliver supports and services to children, youth and their families through collaborative cross-ministry partnerships, enabling those children and youth to succeed in their learning and well-being.

Mission:  Our mission is to provide for a continuum of supports and services to meet universal, targeted, individualized & complex needs for all children/students. Equitable[1] access to supports and services will be provided for children/youth and families, regardless of where they live within the SWCSS region.

[1] Equitable is defined as fair and impartial (Source:

SWCSS Membership:

Alberta Children’s Services

Alberta Community and Social Services:

Alberta Education schools including:

Alberta Health Services (AHS):

  • Addiction and Mental Health
  • Audiology and Children’s Allied Health (formerly CARE)

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS)