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Mental Health Committee


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The committee mandate is to support positive mental health by:

  • identifying resources for implementation
  • sharing information on upcoming events
  • promoting collaboration between organizations on topics related to mental health

Recent committee work has focused on:

  • identifying resources to create a comprehensive mental health program and mapping programs to grade-level curricular outcomes
  • implementation of Teen Mental Health program, both the Go To Educator and Mental Health Literacy components
  • ways to incorporate elements of Dr. Stuart Shanker’s self-regulation model into daily routines
  • sharing locally developed resources / presentations on healthy relationships / domestic violence and underage drinking

The SW Mental Health Committee includes representation from:

  • Alberta Children’s Services
  • Alberta Health Services
    • Addiction and Mental Health
    • Healthy Minds, Healthy Children
    • School Health and Wellness
    • SWRCSD Mental Health Therapists
  • Canadian Mental Health (Lethbridge)
  • FCSS – Barons Eureka Warner
  • Lethbridge Family Services
  • School Divisions – most often the Counselling Coordinator / Lead
  • Southern Alberta PD Consortium (SAPDC)

Meetings are held four times a year and hosted at Holy Spirit division office from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. 2019/20 meeting dates:

  • October 23
  • January 22
  • March 25
  • May 27